Hi, we are FOLK, nice to meet you!

We are on a mission to transform today’s sick-care into tomorrow’s health-care.

We enable people to stay or get healthy physically and mentally in a self-determined and joyful way. We do this by providing diagnosis, treatments, education, and coaching around topics such as sleep, stress, sexual health, nutrition, and more. We use a diverse set of methods spanning medicine, evidence-based alternative methods, behavioral psychology, and wellbeing - all enabled by cutting-edge technology and paired with outstanding customer experience. Always powered by positive humans who truly care.

This leads us to YOU.

We are looking for people to co-shape this journey with us. Below you see what roles we are currently looking for and what roles mean (and don’t mean) for us. You will also find some of our principles of how we organize ourselves.

Are you FOLK-ish? Then have a look at the roles below and tell us what we can create together. If you see yourself as FOLK-ish but not a fit with the current roles, send us a message anyway.

We hire people, not skills. And we hire people not roles. Your job at FOLK might consist of one or several roles and your roles will change as the organization (and you) evolve.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us and et us know with your motivation and indicate which role - or combination of roles - you see yourself fill to contribute to FOLK’s mission.

Open Roles

Life at FOLK




What it means to be FOLK-ish


Our principles

Last updated: September 23, 2021